Exceptional Service at an Affordable Price

LEDORA TECHNOLOGIES provides premier IT solutions with the highest quality of service to meet your business and budget needs. In these tough economic times, many companies recognize the need for cost-cutting and maximizing productivity. Outsourcing IT services or other business processes is a way to address the financial pressures facing businesses and employers today. Contact us today.


Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs

How do you know if your systems are performing adequately? Are you receiving the right advice? Are you getting good value for your money? LEDORA TECHNOLOGIES can help you focus more on your core business rather than worrying about your IT network and infrastructure. You will benefit from the vast experience and technical expertise of our team. Our IT professionals have years of hands-on IT experience in big business, multinational companies, and corporate environments, so we can deliver the same level of expertise and service to your small and medium-sized businesses. When you have network or computer problems, depend on us to accurately assess your needs and implement a quick solution. Contact us today.


Expertise in Every Major Industry

LEDORA TECHNOLOGIES serves businesses and companies in a variety of different areas such as retailing, manufacturing, consulting, venture capital, telecommunications, government, utilities, insurance, health care and service industries.